Some (initial) facts and figures on impact of JISC-funded digitisation and content projects

A few months back, the JISC Content team carried out an impact survey among previously funded digitisation and content projects. The survey aimed to find out more about how digitised collections were being used and the impact such projects have had on their hosting institutions and more broadly.

The content of these slides (or better, the great majority of it) derives from an initial analysis of the results of the survey.

The survey was circulated to 103 projects and 62 responses were received. Of course, not all respondents were able to provide answers to all questions, often they didn’t have the data requested. Therefore, we’re very conscious that this represents only a partial picture, but it still seems one that is indicative (rather then representative) of certain patterns of impact, and which is worth pursuing.

These slides contain only some high level findings. We are conducting a more thorough interpretation of the results which we plan to make available as soon as possible. More background notes are included in the slides.

By Paola Marchionni

I work as Digitisation Programme Manager at JISC and am responsible, together with my colleague Alastair Dunning, for the successful delivery of a portfolio of projects that have been funded under the JISC Phase 2 Digitisation programme spanning 2007-2009. In addition, I lead on programme evaluation and programme support activities such as workshops and events, and work closely with the Communications and Marketing team.

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