JISC Communications and dissemination workshop

On 5 October JISC’s Content Programme 2011-13 projects will assemble in London to share knowledge about communication and dissemination. There will also be opportunity to hear about best practice approaches to marketing using traditional and new media channels.

This event will be led by Rosemary Stamp of Stamp Consulting with contributions from EDiNA’s Social Media Officer Nicola Osborne and our own highly experienced Communications Team.  Here is a list of resource for this workshop:


Communicating effectively – Rosemary Stamp

STAMPJISCseminar London Oct 12 (workshop slides)

7 Rules for Effective Communication

Communicating Effectively screen-cast



JISC brand

Referencing JISC and JISC straplines


Communications planning

Project communications support leaflet – Projects Comms Guidev3

Communications proposal template – Comms proposal form


Social media

JISC’s social media top tips – Social media top tips

Stamp Consulting – Social Media Top Ten Factors

EDiNA’s Nicola Osborne’s YouTube video is embedded but can also be accessed here

Nicola link for Friday’s questions can be found here


Press and PR

Working with JISC Communication Team – 051012 RWh Oct 2012 slides final.ppt

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