Rapid Digitisation Call published

JISC invites institutions to submit funding proposals for projects to be funded as part of its e-content programme for 2011. Funding of up to £400,000 is available for rapid digitisation. It is anticipated that 5-7 projects will be funded and the maximum funding available for any one project is £100,000.

Within the call, JISC will be funding a mixture of the following types of projects:

a. Addition of new digitised content to existing digital resources; the value and potential impact of adding any new content should be demonstrated.
b. Digitisation of small collections; as with above, the value, and the relationship to existing digital collections, should be articulated.
c. Pilot digitisation work to test the viability and value of digitising a larger collection.
d. Undertaking digitisation with new technologies (e.g. 3D scanning).

The deadline for receipt of proposals in response to this call is 12:00 noon UK time on Friday 10 December 2010. Projects should start by 1 March 2011 and may run for up to 5 months. All projects must be complete by 31 July 2011.

JISC is hosting an event to give delegates more information about the call (and also the related JISC grant call on enriching via collaboration and developing community content), and also give the opportunity for networking to take place. More information on the event, which takes place in London on 28 October 2010 is available on this blog.

The call itself is available on the JISC website

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