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New Community Collection Project looking for submissions

‘How easily can treasure
buried in the ground, gold hidden
however skilfully, escape from any man!

Seamus Heaney (transl.) Beowulf

A new exemplar community collection is now live: Project Woruldhord.

The project  is trialling the processes and the community contributed collection (‘CoCoCo’) software being formed by the RunCoCo project.

The project is trying to collect any material that would be of help to people who wish to find out more about the Anglo-Saxon period of history and the language and literature.

The project is looking for images, audio/video recordings, handouts, essays, articles, presentations, spreadsheets, databases, and so on.

In particular it is hoped teachers/researchers will contribute teaching material they are happy to share with others.

The most important page to get started is:

This takes you through the simple to use submission process where you can upload your object and provide some basic information about it.

If you have any questions please email the project:

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