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More travellers’ tales for Vision of Britian website

The Vision of Britain website had now added four new writers to its collection of British travel writers, details of which are below

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John Byng, later Viscount Torrington — so far, just vol. 4 of the Torrington Diaries, including tours from London to Newark, around Kent and a lot of local trips in Bedfordshire, between 1789 and 1794.

George Head — the full text of “A Home Tour through the Manufacturing Districts” in 1835. An interesting complement to our Chartist writers, as from a similar period but without the politics.

Samuel Johnson — his version of the “Journey to the Western Isles” in 1773, so you can now directly compare what he and Boswell said about the same places.

John Wesley — A large selection from his diary between 1729 and 1791, complementing his brother Charles’s diary.

This part of our site remains the largest on-line collection of historical British travelling, but the key point is that you have two-way links between the authors and our gazetteer of places, so you can very quickly find out what all our authors said about particular places you are interested in.

The next update should be a substantial extension to the statistics collection, including the return of the parish-level population statistics we had to leave out.

Note that extensions to the travel writing collection depend on our locating existing computerised transcriptions, so please let us know about other suitable material. It is obviously essential that the original text be out of copyright.

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