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A guide to Second Life for Lecturers

gettingstartedwithsecondlifeashx.jpgJISC has today realised its guide to using Second Life for lecturers and teachers.

The guide has been written by lecturers, for lecturers and aims to assist lecturers in their use of virtual worlds for teaching and  learning.

The aim of the guide is to present the basics in order to help lecturers experiment, rather than them getting lost in mastering the detail of the virtual environment.

The Enriching Digital Resources strand of the JISC Digitisation Programme includes the Resurrecting the Past project.

This project uses the immersive virtual environment of Second Life as a way to recreate the Pompeii exhibition from the Crystal Palace exhibition, and uses the space to engage school children in a museum exhibition.

More details about the Ressurecting the Past project can be found on their website.

The new JISC guide to Second Life can be downloaded from the JISC website.

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