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Oxford and Cambridge unite

The universities of Oxford and Cambridge have recently completed a project to create digital versions of the catalogue records that describe their world renowned collections of Islamic manuscripts Available from a common search engine at, users can now search over detailed descriptions of over 10,000 texts. The term Fihrist comes from the book written […]

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Launch of the Virtual Manuscript Room

This month sees the launch of the first phase of the Virtual Manuscript Room(VMR), as part of the Mingana Day at the University of Birmingham on 8 July. The presentation of the collection online is a crucial part of JISC’s £1.8 million Enriching Digital Resources programme, a set of 25 projects which enhances the use […]

Islamic Studies Users

Requirements for digitised resources in Islamic Studies

Following the designation of Islamic Studies as a strategically important subject by the UK Government in June 2007, JISC commissioned a review of user requirements for digitised resources for researchers and teachers within higher education working in the field of Islamic Studies. The University of Exeter carried out the study and in their final report […]