Monthly Archives: August 2011

Opening Up Academic Research Projects – it’s not just about researchers.

Given the dramatic events concerning the recent riots in England, I was interested to find news of an AHRC-funded project Around 1968: Activists, Networks and Trajectories, based at the Department of Modern History at the University of Oxford. According to the news item on the AHRC website, the project undertook “hundreds of interviews with former … Read more

Application numbers for recent call for JISC Content (06/11)

Application received for the recent call for JISC Content (06/11) Strand A, Digitisation for Open Educational Resources (OER): 18 applications (8-12 projects between £75,000 and £125,000 each will be funded) Strand B Mass Digitisation: 68 applications (7-9 projects between £150,000 and £750,000 each) Strand C, Clustering Digital Content: 23 applications (6-8 projects between £100,000 and … Read more

Digital content, schools, HE, employers: how easy is it to work together?

Some of the projects in the recent JISC Community Collections programme and Strand B of the eContent programme 2011 have looked at digital content as an opportunity for higher education institutions to engage more creatively and effectively with schools and employers. Interacting with digital content can provide imaginative ways of filling the gap in resources … Read more