Timetable for JISC Content Calls – updated

Due to staff illness, and the large number of bids received we’re a couple of days behind with the original timetable. Emails to all winning and rejected projects may be sent out the week beginning 31st Jan, or they may go out the week beginning 7th Feb


For those waiting to receive news of their proposals to the JISC Calls for Enhancing Digital Content, Developing Community Content or Rapid Digitisation, the is the timetable we are aiming to follow, illness, weather and the JISC Review notwithstanding.

Friday 7th January – All marks received from peer reviewers

Wednesday 19th – Panel Meeting for JISC Call 11/10.
Strand A (Enhancing Digital Content) and Strand B (Developing Community Content)
Thursday 20th – Panel Meeting for JISC Call 16/10, Rapid Digitisation

w/b Monday 31st January – Finalise details of successful and unsuccessful projects after any comments from peer reviewers unable to attend panel meetings

w/b Monday 31st January – Email successful and unsuccessful projects

w/b Monday 7th – Send off grant letters

w/b Monday 7th – Announce winners.

March 1st – Projects start

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