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Case studies in online resource discovery – HEIs engagement with the Spotlight on the Digital training programme

Participants from the pilot resource discovery training programme (see Resource discovery pilot training outcomes) have now completed case studies outlining their plans to practically implement guidance from the training, and the intended impact on their collections. Here is an overview of the case studies.

Using Flickr to promote Special Collections

Follow Special Collections at Queen’s University Belfast as they upload photographs of 19th and early 20th century China from the Sir Robert Hart Collection to Flickr.


Social Media and the Balanced Value Impact Model

See how the balanced value impact model can be used to institutionally focus resource discovery activities and social media strategies at the Museum of Design and Architecture (MoDA), Middlesex University.


Using resource discovery techniques to create a user friendly web presence

Adopting best practices in resource discovery and website design to re-launch the Museum of Rural English Life at the University of Reading.


Using Google Search Console to track impact and use of collections at the University of Sheffield

Implementing search engine optimisation (SEO) and user tracking to better understand the users and use of Special Collections and the National Fairground Archive at the University of Sheffield.


Promoting use of The Education Times Collection at University College London

How to maximise visibility and impact of online digital collections – The Education Times digitisation project at University College London.


Box of Broadcasts at the University of West London

How to promote internal use of the Box of Broadcasts (BoB) at the University of West London.


Promoting the institutional repository at the University of West London

Strategies to promote take-up in deposit and discovery of materials in the institutional repository at the University of West London.


All the case studies will also be attached to key modules in the ‘Making your digital resources easier to discover’ online guide at Make your digital resources easier to discover


By Karen Colbron

I focus on access and use of digital content in learning, teaching and research.

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