Launch of 3D Sheffield metalwork collection

This week saw the launch of the JISC-funded 3D Sheffield metalwork collection.

Box - Sheffield metalworkMustard pot - Sheffield metalwork

This rapid digitisation project was a partnership between Sheffield Hallam University, which brought their expertise in innovative 3D digitisation, and Museums Sheffield, which is delivering the 3D objects on their website.

Highlights of the web site incude:

200 beautiful 3D objects, browsable through categories such as Food, Tools, Ornaments, Boxes, Drink, Blades
zoom-in function to allow zooming in and out of the objects while rotating them
contextual background information about the objects explaining their use, design and material
– extended learning resoruces inclduing audio descriptions for a selection of objetcs

All 3D objects are licenced under Ceative Commons and high resolution versions of the files can be downloaded from the web site.

For the more technically minded, the project’s final report describes how the 3D scanning was done, detailing the various steps the team went through and the (unforseen) challenges in digitising shiny objects:

Apart from opening up more leanning and research opportunities for students and lifelong learning, this project has already had some tangible benefits for the university.

It has substantially risen the profile of the university’s Research Group concerning their 3D scanning activities which contirbuted to Sheffield Hallam receiving a European award (Research for the Benefit of SMEs) with several partners across Europe in which their contribution will be to scan metallic parts for robotic welding tasks.

By Paola Marchionni

I work as Digitisation Programme Manager at JISC and am responsible, together with my colleague Alastair Dunning, for the successful delivery of a portfolio of projects that have been funded under the JISC Phase 2 Digitisation programme spanning 2007-2009. In addition, I lead on programme evaluation and programme support activities such as workshops and events, and work closely with the Communications and Marketing team.

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