Some Findings from a Crowdsourcing Project

Scots Words and Place Names, run at the University of Glasgow, engaged the Scottish public via a variety of channels (direct contact with schools, a website, Facebook, Twitter) to enrich understanding of the uses and meanings of words and place names in Scots.

The final report, just published, has some interesting findings

  • This crowdsourcing project was incredibly useful for allowing the university to further links with schools, and tap into existing general public interest in Scots language
  • If you’re collecting structured data, you need your own website. But Facebook is also useful for gathering such data; Twitter less so
  • The research team learnt few new Scots words; but more on informal place-names
  • Crowdsourcing and building a community of interest takes time

The report is available as a pdf on the JISC website

The research project is on the Glasgow website; there is also the Facebook account; and the Twitter account.

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