Forthcoming Presentations from JISC Staff

JISC Programme Managers, Alastair Dunning and Paola Marchionni, will be giving presentations related to current and future JISC funding at various events in June.

If you are interested in discussing funding bids please come along – all the events below are open to any interested delegate.

2nd June – London Digital Humanities Group, Central London (Alastair Dunning)

6th June – 3D: digitise, deliver, discover, University of Manchester, (Paola Marchionni)

6th June – Digging into Image Data, University of Sheffield (Alastair Dunning), morning

23rd June – Presentation at Coventry University (Alastair Dunning), full details to be confirmed.

If you would like a JISC member to staff to come along and speak at your institution (esp Scotland, and Wales and South West), please get in touch

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