Problems of Marriage and Sex, 1937

“As the Headmaster came into lunch, he slipped into my side-pocket a copy of the ‘New Era’ dealing with problems of Marriage and Sex. Why? A nice gesture of friendliness, anyway.”

The above is a transcribed excerpt from a teacher’s diary from Keswick, Cumbria in 1937, the typescript of which is below. It is part of the material released from the Mass Observation Archive as part of the MOCO project – Mass Observation Communities Online.

The MOCO project has had two aims, and more diaries and photographs are available via the links below

1) Releasing sample content from the Mass Observation Archive, largely in the period 1937 to 1941.
2) Inviting and publishing content from contemporary community groups, who are contributing the content via the web tools developed by the project team.

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