Workshops: Collaborative Scholarly Editing

Following on from their Workshops on the Virtual Manuscript Room, the University of Birmingham are holding a two day workshop funded by JISC on Tools for Collaborative Scholarly Editing over the Web.

Thursday 24 September: ‘Actions: the State of the Art’

Representatives of projects around the world will give presentations on what they have done, are doing, or plan to do, to develop tools for collaborative scholarly editing over the Web.  Presenters will be asked to focus on three problem areas: intellectual property/scholarly authority; sustainability and interoperability.

This day will be open to all (pre-registration required).

Friday 25 September: ‘Problems and Futures’

Short papers on the two themes ‘Problems’ and ‘Futures’ will be followed by discussions among invited participants. 

  • The ‘Problems’ section will centre on the three problem areas identified above: intellectual property/scholarly authority; sustainability and interoperability.
  • The ‘Futures’ section will seek to map where we might go: as the world becomes ever more linked, and the texts we read and the scholars we work with ever more interconnected, what will scholarly editing be like?

Participation in this day will be by invitation only.

Attendance at the first day will be open to all.  Prior registration is essential,by email to Richard Goode

The second day is by invitation only, with numbers restricted.  If you believe you, your project or your centre, should have a voice in this day, please email Peter Robinson,

For more information on attending, accomodation and funding visit the workshop website and find out how you and your project can be involved.

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