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Virtual Manuscript Room Workshops


The Institute for Textual Scholarship and Electronic Editing (ITSEE), University of Birmingham are running a series of workshops as part of the JISC funded Virtual Manuscript Room project.

The workshops will be taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday 22-23 September, 2009

The first of the workshops, on Tuesday 22nd Sept will present a hands-on introduction to SDPublisher, the new XML publishing system developed by people associated with ITSEE and Svmr3.jpgcholarly Digital Editions.

The second of the two worshops is entitled: ‘The Virtual Manuscript Room: linking resources and scholarship on the web’

This workshop will introduce the concepts behind the Virtual Manuscript Room project, and their implementation in the project. 

Topics covered will include:

  • The deployment of SDPublisher as the base technology of the VMR
  • Reducing the costs: how to put lots of manuscripts online on a modest budget
  • Integrating the VMR with Institutional repositories
  • Using our image viewer
  • Unified identifiers: the way forward for textual scholarship on the web?

Further information can be found on the Workshops webpage.

To register, or find out more: email Richard Goode ( or Peter Robinson (

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