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Reports from JISC Metadata Consultancy

As part of its Digitisation Programme, the JISC appointed consultant Hervé L’Hours to assist the 16 projects in defining their metadata requirements. In particular, Hervé looked at issues relating to technical / preservation metadata and how these were being built into project workflows.

The bulk of this work took place between June and November 2007.

Hervé’s work involved a number of strands, from which various materials are being made publicly available

  • A workshop for the projects on various issues related to metadata, in particular on the METS model for content repackaging. Presentations from this workshop can be downloaded.
  • An overview of the metadata ‘position’ of each of the 16 projects in the Digitisation Programme, with reference to standards chosen, staff skill sets and planned workflows. A public summary of this document is being produced for Spring 2008.
  • A metadata template for digitisation projects, providing any digitisation workflow with a comprehensive framework to work through and ensure the appropriate aspects of metadata are being addressed. Again, this template can be downloaded.

Hervé was also asked to provide assistance to each of the projects, reviewing their metadata policies and offering guidance where required. For some projects with more experience or reasonably straightforward workflows this was a ‘light touch’; for others, especially those importing complex legacy metadata, more involved help was given.

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