Digitisation conference 2007

Conference 2007: Read Justin Champion’s cancelled talk

Justin Champion, Professor of the History of Early Modern Ideas at Royal Holloway, was due to give the keynote speech on e-content and its impact on learning, teaching and research on the second day of the conference. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it. However, he has passed on the narrative of the talk he would have given and here’s a flavour of what he has to say:

One of the themes of what I want to say today, is that there needs to be joined up thinking about ongoing plans for creating new product – librarians, educational development academics, technologists, school teachers, as well as university professors need to engage, argue and most importantly imagine effective processes of learning and research.
There is then an absolutely virtuous circle of connection between the invention of new teaching practice, transformations in both the conduct and dissemination of scholarship, and the provision of a cyber-infrastructure underpinning such activities. Like any virtuous circle however, the difficulty is, knowing where to start.

Read the presentation in full here: Digital scholarship is the inevitable future of the humanities and social science by Justin Champion

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