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Meshing Research and Digitisation

For all the successes of digitisation, it’s still a long, slow route from scanner to published article (or even monograph). Your team can create a rich, engaging website, but it takes plenty of time for scholars to start to work with the new material. It slips slowly into their ideas and interpretations, perhaps helped, perhaps … Read more

Digital Copyright Exchange – Call for Evidence

The excerpt below is from the Intellectual Property Office website. The planned Exchange will be of great interest to those digitising orphan or in copyright works, hopefully leading to a acceleration of the process of rights clearance. On 22 November Business Secretary Vince Cable announced the appointment of Richard Hooper to lead a feasibility study … Read more

Moving on …

After over four very happy years, I’m moving on from JISC to a new role in the Netherlands. It’s been a privilege to work with colleagues in one of the most innovative educational funding bodies in the world, and also with a broader community of researchers, librarians, teachers, archivists, policy wonks and web geeks. While … Read more

On using Creative Commons for old documents

When the University of Cambridge, with help from the University of Sussex (and JISC funding), released its Newton Papers, there was widespread acclaim for the resultant website, but also some criticism of their use of Creative Commons. Some bloggers (here and here) asserted that the (seventeenth-century) documents are out of copyright and therefore should be … Read more

Using archives on Vietnam war

The NAM project at the University of the Arts, London is bringing together the photographic archives of Phillip Jones Griffiths, aspect of the film archive of Stanley Kubrick, and the journalistic archive of Phillip Knightley in an interactive multimedia resource that looks at the resonances of the conflict in Vietnam today. It then gets students … Read more

What would a UK Digital Collection look like? Or why we don’t really need one.

What would a UK Digital Collection look like? A glittering digital library or museum, with informative stunning, collections that represent the UK? A series of artworks, scientific discoveries, images, poems, documents, performances and programmesthat have played an essential role in shaping and informing UK society. But that word ‘represents’ is a really thorny one. Who … Read more

Strategic or Open Digitisation?

The recent projects that JISC has funded as part of its Content Programme contain a fascinating range of materials – archives relating to the 18th-century Board of Longitude, the UK’s collection of fossils and reports documenting the health of modern London. But the fascination of such an eclectic range of sources could also be construed … Read more

Early Music Online

Early Music Online is a pilot project in which 300 of the world’s earliest surviving volumes of printed music, held in the British Library, have been digitised and made freely available online. You can browse the digitised content in Royal Holloway’s digital repository. Pages from Il primo libro de madrigali a sei voci di Pietro … Read more