Digital Content Partnerships – New Funding and Event

In relation to the forthcoming call from eContent Programme, JISC is hosting “Digital Content Partnerships” on 28 October 2010. The event, open to all, will be to offer further information on the call, offer opportunities to form partnerships as part of proposals for the call and to engage further with JISC’s campaign for digital content.

Overview of the forthcoming call is at the very bottom of the page of the JISC Roadmap for future funding, under the heading ‘Content Call for Enriching and Developing Community Content‘.

The event will take place at Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London, from 11am to 3.30pm.

All potential applicants, whether in the guise of a lead institution or a supporting partner, are invited to attend and can register via the online form.

As you will see in the form, delegates are encouraged to give some information on their possible proposal, in order to appeal to potential partners. This information will be shared during the day, providing a basis for conversations on developing projects together.

For example, delegates may wish to use the form to look for partners who have specific expertise (whether in enhancing, commercialising or marketing existing digital content); to look for partners who have similar content to themselves; or delegates may wish to just give basic information about the content they hope to be working with within the project. The text of the call, particularly Strand A on ‘Enriching via Collaboration’, gives some idea of the type of partnership sought by JISC.

Notes will be taken and published for those that are unable to make the day. JISC staff will also be available for questions at a later date.

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Will this event be of any interest or value to organisations able to offer services for the rapid digitisation of analogue content, or is it purely aimed at organisations creating/exploiting content or funding the work?

Have the notes of the meeting been published yet for those who could not attend? Thanks.

Andrew Greg

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